Guest Post Guidelines

GettingGrowth is a blog about marketing, entrepreneurship and life.

GettingGrowth is a website where you find resources to jump-start your online business journey. GettingGrowth gives invaluable resource for the marketer community and provide a voice to people who’d like to share their knowledge and teach others a new skill, method or approach.

We’re currently accepting submissions for insightful, original articles. Instagram marketing and insight related articles are more likely to get accepted. Before you submit, please take some time reading our recent articles to get an idea of what we publish.

The best submissions are:

  • Written with a clear focus on one topic or argument
  • Written for marketers, influencers, businesses, bloggers etc
  • Bold, gripping and fun to read
  • Full of valuable information that helps readers do their job better, learn something, or think differently
  • Spell-checked and fact-checked, with sources cited (link to them) to back up the arguments
  • Not self-promotional

What to expect after you submit

It might take a week for us to review your submission, and if we think it’s a good fit, we’ll write back to you with feedback and notes. You’ll work closely with somebody from our team, to get your article ready to publish.It’s hard work—we take this very seriously, so if you aren’t willing to hear feedback and make revisions, this probably won’t work.

Typically, articles get published about 2-3 weeks after they’re submitted and accepted.

Need some help writing your article? Read on!

Define your concept and structure

Your angle and how you present it are up to you, but if you’re providing a number of tips or doing a walk-through, use numbered sections and reference the number in the post’s title.

Research as necessary

While researching, be sure to grab any images or screenshots you’ll need to illustrate your point.

Your post needs one image for every 400 words and at minimum 2000 words for the whole post, plus a hero image.

Set up your document

Write your first draft in a Google Doc and share it with us. Be sure to give us editing access. At the top of your document, please provide:

  1. Your name and title (e.g: Johannes Kanter, Managing Editor at GettingGrowth)—this will appear at the top of your published article
  2. Your bio (2-4 sentences)
  3. Your profile picture
  4. A link to a Google Drive folder where we can download all of your article’s image assets (more about those below!)


You know what to do. Again, please take a look at some of our recent blog posts to get a feel for what we publish. You’ll want your introduction to be quick and attention-grabbing—get right to your point.

It might help to keep in mind your audience as you’re writing, too. Ask yourself who you’re writing to and what you want them to take with them from your article.


Here’sour Style Guide:

  1. Sentence case headlines (except H1), and don’t use final punctuation unless it’s expressive (?!). Or it’s two sentences.
  2. Contract whenever it isn’t confusing (careful with is and who +are)
  3. Use em dashes without spaces—not ens or hyphens (Option + Shift + hyphen)
  4. Use commas appropriately (Oxford comma)
  5. Spell out numbers one through nine. 10 and up should be numerals.
  6. Don’t overdo it with the exclamation points!
  7. DON’T ALL CAP. Unless it’s a design element. Emphasize with italics or bold instead.
  8. Don’t punctuate items in ordered and unordered lists. Unless the list item runs to two sentences.
  9. Word count–submit articles of at least 2000 words
  10. Sub-headings–split up your content with relevant sub-headings to make it easier for readers to follow the logical flow of ideas
  11. Short paragraphs – keep paragraphs short and sweet (2-3 sentences each), so readers can easily digest your awesome article. One word or a sentence can also perform as a paragraph.


Once you’ve got a solid first draft ready to submit, it’s time to start thinking about the layout of your post. Read back through it and define:

  • Images
    We like to have one image for every 400 words, but more is always better. Include photos, early sketches, screenshots, and animations to help illustrate your point. You could even include photos of your team or workplace!

We don’t really like to include stock images for anything other than the hero/preview image. Any stock photos you include must be free to use. Here are a couple of safe sources:

Upload your images to Google Drive and share the folder link at the top of the document. Include links to your photos in the body of the blog, where you’d like each image to go.

Here’s specs for the various images required for each article:

  • Featured image: 2880×1920
  • Inline images – 1500xN
  • Note: images (including GIFs) must be 1MB or smaller

Share your article with us

And don’t forget to give editing access. At any given time, there are some guest articles in the works, so please be patient as your article gets ready for publication.

By the way, we think you’re amazing for taking the time to contribute to GettingGrowth.

Thank you!


A quick checklist of things your submission needs:

  1. Author information at the top
  2. A link to a Drive folder of the images (featured and inline images)
  3. A title
  4. Spell- and fact-checked
  5. Shared with us—with editing access