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Instagram Engagement Groups

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Here’s what you get

For $12 you get an unlimited lifetime access to groups, guides and free updates for life.

The Basics

Detailed video showing you how to use the groups.


Access to the upcoming resources soon to be added to the groups.

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The Tools

Soon to be added tools that save you time when using the groups.

Access to the groups

Lifetime access to all the groups and future updates.

Why Should I use Engagement Groups?

The strategy to use engagement groups started sometime in 2016. Ever since, Instagram has made significant improvements so people couldn’t hack their way into explore page. So do these groups still work? Yes, you’ll get more likes and comments if you participate in them. In terms of ranking your posts in explore feed they aren’t that useful anymore. So if you just want to get more likes and comments that aren’t from robots, this is a fantastic solution.


I have grown my posts from 80 to almost 250 likes and 80+ comments just using the groups.

– @joseleonardus


What are engagement groups?

Engagement groups are groups formed usually on Telegram app or held over Instagram direct messages. As we’ve seen them being less useful over Instagram direct message, we only suggest getting involved with ones that are on Telegram. Engagement group is where you share you latest Instagram post to get engagement from the group and in return other members expect getting engagement from you whenever they post.

How do they work?

Great question!

In order to use Instagram groups on Telegram, you need to sign-up for Telegram app. You can also download the mobile or desktop app or even use it from your web browser.

PS. note that there have been reported some problems using it via web with Safari browser. So if you’re a Mac users, it’s better to get the app.

Aren't the groups free?

Most of the groups are free to enter, some of them are paid. I’ve decided to put a small price tag ($12) on them just update them, answer your questions and guide you through the process. There is a video tutorial inside the members area.

Do I really need to buy access from you?

You can most certainly contact a lot of bigger Instagram accounts and ask them if they’re part of these groups and if they are willing to add you.

Ones that answer probably ask you money anyway (usually around $100). Or your can Google your way into these groups as well. So it’s really up you.

I’ve simply organized them for you and keep them updated and also answer all your questions here. If you find that valuable enough, then I’m happy to walk you through once you make the payment.

What groups can I expect to find?

We’re updating the list of groups monthly and checking them to have only the best value groups. Currently we have over 30 hand-picked and tested groups in different niches such as travel, models, fashion, photography, bloggers, fitness, food and more.

– 3x big like groups (generic)
– 5x big comment groups (generic)
– 2x fashion group
– 1x models group
– 2x travel group
– 1x musicians group
– 3x fitness group
– 1x food group
– 2x girls only groups
– 1x business and professionals group
– 1x moms and parenting group
– 1x blogger group (food, travel, fashion etc)
– 1x photography group

And a few groups based on the size of the account. Groups for accounts that are over 20k/30k/50k/100k followers. Engagement from accounts that have big following is usually better than engagement from accounts with smaller following.

Do they really work?

That depends on how you define “work”. They do get you more likes and comments that’s a fact. They do help you rank your content on Instagram.

Getting a lot of engagement during the first few hours after you post something signals Instagram that your content is good and it starts pushing it to more people who follow you and also into the explore page.

Now, it’s definitely not a magic key to success. You still need to have outstanding content and maintain relationships with your followers to keep the engagement rate high.

However, if you want that extra boost then I would suggest using these groups.

What if I don't get any value out of them?

No problem, I can do a 14-day refund. If you’re not happy, I’m not happy.

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