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Johannes Kanter

Who is this guy?

My name is Johannes. I have been working as a marketing consultant since 2010. I’ve worked with startups and large companies and helped them with their online marketing challenges. In the recent years I’ve turned my focus on Instagram marketing.

What I can do for you

I work only with a few clients to deliver the best results.

Strategy development

I’ll help you find a profitable niche or position your current account. I’ll also help you come up with your own style and selling points.

Account management

Staying consistent is crucial for an account’s growth. That’s why I offer monthly account management so that you wouldn’t need to spend your time making posts, replaying to comments and messages.

Content creation

Content is the king. Without it, there’s no engagement and no growth. Developing good quality content takes time. I will design and create your posts.

Engagement boost

This is the secret weapon of Instagram. Getting high engagement during the first hour after posting gets you to Top Posts section. This will boost your account’s growth significantly.

Why should you be on Instagram in the first place?

Here’s some facts.

Instagram is one of the fastest growing Social Media platforms.

There are over 600 Million monthly active users (and growing).

Traffic from Instagram has a higher conversion rate compared to other Social Media platforms.


Instagram users have higher purchase intent compared to other Social Media platforms.

Instagram has a higher organic reach compared to other Social Media platforms.

The main demographic is age 25 – 34 with a high income.

Okay great! What’s the quality of your services?

Here’s some results.

Ranking content in the Top Post section with hashtag #cool, which has over 100 million post shares.

hashtag cool

Ranked in the Top Post section with competitive hashtag #lifestyle.

hashtag lifestyle

Also ranking with niche related hashtags. Here’s one with #entrepreneur.

hashtag entrepreneur

#entrepreneur has more than 16 million post shares.

hashtag entrepreneur

Want similar results for your account?

Choose a plan that meets your ambitions.

I’m offering a 30-day, money-back guarantee, so you can test my services 100% risk free.

100% money back gurantee