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Learn How to Attract Your First 100,000 Followers, Increase Engagement And Get Your Instagram Account Noticed By Major Brands.

Let me know if this is you thinking…

“Growing my account used to be fun.

Now I barely retain my existing followers. I’ve done research and I’m using all the strategies that are written online.

I work hard on my content, but I keep seeing less and less engagement. Has Instagram flagged my account? What the hell is shadowban?

I feel frustrated because I see similar accounts to mine keep growing by seemingly posting the same content that I do.

Should I give up on Instagram all together?”

If you relate to this and something inside you said “Yes that’s exactly how I feel” then keep scrolling – you’re in the right place.

See, here’s what people get wrong…

Not just about content

If you want meaningful growth on Instagram, you can’t just rely on “good and valuable” content.

this is where everything starts, but only creating and posting good content doesn’t cut it anymore in 2019.

You need to have a solid strategy and make your account visible to your target audience.

Not playing by the rules

In order to get good results and make your content go viral you need to play by the rules.

Instagram favors quality over quantity, relationships over “just following”, relevancy over virality and recency over evergreen content.

In a nutshell that’s Instagram’s ranking algorithm optimization philosophy.

Trying to copy success

One thing to keep in mind is that Instagram will not work the same for everyone.

For every niche and business there is a different strategy. Sure the fundamentals are the same, but being successful on Instagram will be different for everyone.

Copying someone else will likely not get you where you want to go.


After taking about a dozen of different Instagram courses myself, testing a lot of weird methods, working with over 3000 students and helping 100-ish businesses to generate over 7-figures in revenue, I’ve put together the most comprehensive, yet beginner-friendly, course to learn Instagram Marketing.

Johannes Kanter

Meet your instructor

My name is Johannes. I have been working as a marketing consultant since 2010. I’ve worked with startups and large companies and helped them with their online marketing challenges. In recent years I’ve turned my focus to Instagram marketing. I’ve put together my first Instagram masterclass, where I teach all the strategies I use myself to grow my clients’ accounts.


Here’s the course syllabus

Unlimited access to the course materials and free updates for life.

Create & Plan

What are some of the best ways to create and plan content for Instagram.

Profile Optimization

How to write a compelling bio and optimize for eye-catching first impression.

Using Hashtags

How to do hashtag research the right way and optimize for the best performing hashtags.

Boost Engagement

Simple yet powerful strategies to double, triple or even quadruple engagement (no BS).

Build Your Product

Instagram is a wonderful traffic source. Learn how to build an e-mail list and sell your own products.

Get Brand Deals

Learn how to get brands to pay you and start earning a living from

Get More Profile Visits

Don’t only rely on Instagram algorithm to give you the exposure you deserve. Learn to drive more visits for free.

Use Instagram Ads

Learn to use Instagram ads so you wouldn’t need to break the bank everytime you run a promotion.

Social Proof

Get featured by major media sites and position yourself as a thought leader.

Engagement Groups

Engagement groups are still a thing. You need to know how to use them in order to make them work.


Gain additional attention by hosting giveaways and build relationships with other influencers in your niche.

Get Verified

There’s no 100% guarantee for getting verified. However, certain steps increase the likelihood of it happening.

Most Comprehensive yet Compact Instagram Marketing Course Out There

I’ve put together all the advanced strategies that regular training courses don’t cover. Exactly what you need to grow to 100k followers and beyond.

Learning Instagram strategies from Johannes means

Your content will be seen by your followers and your future-to-be followers without you having to spend a dime on promoting your posts.

Attracting your ideal followers (without spending hours on Instagram) who will become your raging fans and ultimately paying customers.

Find beginner-friendly new ways to make extra money on the side or earn full-time income and quit your 9 – 5 grind.

Being seen as an expert, thought-leader or an influencer in your field and get featured in major media outlets.

Being ahead of the game and staying up to date with Instagram updates to maximize your daily growth potential.

What people say

You could be the next success story

The course has really helped me out on growing my page a lot. One of my videos was reposted over 6 times the other day, getting over 500k+ views.

– Matthew (@makebluegreatagain)

This Instagram course is beginner friendly and gives you a lot of tips and tools to get started. I was able to add 100 followers in just a couple of days.

– Ergo (@ergo.olek)

This was SO helpful and very professional made – love all the tips and tricks, websites, links, apps and more. There was a loooot I’ve never heard about before.

– Michala (@michalakramer)

Here’s My Story

The motivation behind creating this Instagram Masterclass

Growing to 100,000 Followers and Beyond.

Now you might be saying: “that goal seems unrealistic to achieve”.

Actually, if you’ve been reading around the internet, you might have seen posts, where people share how they grew to 100k followers in few months.

To be honest, back in 2015 and 2016 it was a lot easier to grow your account if you knew the right levers to pull. Now, you might feel like: “Damn, I missed out on this crazy”.

Not to worry.

You just need to know how to play along with Instagram and their ranking algorithm.

Moreover, gaining a lot of followers doesn’t really matter. If your 100k followers aren’t genuinely interested in your content and business, then you simply have a cool account you can brag with.

Ask yourself:

would you like to have 1,000 highly engaged followers (aka. potential paying customers) or 100,000 followers that go “meh” when you post your next lunch meal photo?

I hope that doesn’t take a long time to answer.

Now, you might be thinking: “1,000 paying customers sound really good, but I want to have influence and be known by more than 1,000 people”.

Well… , the good news is, that you will be.

After all, this Instagram masterclass is about teaching you to grow to 100k followers and beyond.

You will get “Instagram famous” if you take massive action and put the strategies listed in this course to use.

The second good news is that 100% of your success will be solely determined by your own efforts. Ads, promotions, giveaways and other paid options to grow your audience are useful for scaling of what’s already working.

So, if you’re tired struggling by yourself, I encourage you to join our community (yes we have a private coaching group as well) and get the support, knowledge and confidence necessary to accelerate your accounts growth.

Want to know what’s inside the Masterclass?

The masterclass access with over 6 hours of videos & tutorials

This is where we cover the basics. It’s important to have a clear goal, USP (unique selling point) and content plan. We’ll cover:

  • Goal setting
  • Marketing plan
  • Setting up your account
  • Optimizing your account

In this chapter we’re going create a lot of content. We’ll talk about different formats, why it’s important to use them and how to get the most out of them.

  • Why content matters
  • Creating a content plan
  • Creating regular posts
  • Creating viral content
  • Curating content
  • Developing your own theme
  • Creating and posting Stories
  • IGTV tips and why it matters in 2019 (NEW)
  • Scheduling content

Hashtags is such a big topic in itself so I decided to devote a whole chapter about it. Here we will cover:

  • How to do hashtag research & what are the tools
  • How to optimize for the right hashtags
  • How to organize your hashtags

In this chapter of the masterclass we’re going to cover how to build real lasting business relationships with your followers. This is SO important as it plays a big role in Instagram ranking algorithm.

  • 7 ways to dramatically improve your engagement rate
  • What are engagement groups and how do they work (even in 2019)
  • How to establish partnerships

Like I mentioned before – just posting good content gives you mediocre results at best. You need to get yourself out there. In this chapter we’re looking at some of the key strategies to get more eyes to your account.

  • Free ways to promote your account
  • 3 ways to use Instagram ads to grow your account
  • How to run successful giveaways
  • How to get shoutouts and if they are still relevant / effective

Growing in followers is all fun and good, but what about making money of Instagram? Truth is that you don’t need 100,000 followers to start making money. You can even start with 100 followers. Depends what is your strategy and end goal.

  • Introduction: make money on Instagram
  • How to land brand deals
  • E-mail marketing: how to convert your followers into subscribers
  • How to create your own product
  • How to promote other businesses products
  • How to convert your followers and subscribers into sales

This is the chapter where I share some of my best strategies and secrets to really “hack” your way into bigger numbers and fame. I’m not going to uncover the contents of this chapter here, but you better believe me you don’t want to miss out on these strategies.

Let’s just say some of it involves the blue check-mark and getting featured in Forbes.

This will be the final chapter where we put everything together, share some additional resources and tools with you. Also the bonuses and extras…. yesss.

And if you want you can take the quiz and get certified by GettingGrowth academy. You’ll get an actual certification with a unique serial number which you can add to your resume or just show off on your LinkedIn page.

In total? Worth €1,997 

And there’s more…

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Lifetime access to private Facebook coaching group (value €299)

20+ Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom presets for styling your feed like a pro (value €99)

1 – 1 coaching call with me, where I’ll help you come up with a strategy and personally set you up for success (value €179)

Priority support – Look, you made an investment and I’ll be here to make sure it pays off. This will be my mission (value €99)

instagram ads course

The Complete Instagram Ads Course – Learn to master Instagram ads and grow your business like a rock-star. (value €599)

Total value of all bonuses?

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You’ll get 60-day, money-back guarantee, so you can get the course material and access to all the bonuses 100% risk free.

instagram marketing services


How long is the course?

The course material length is around 5 hours. It also includes various resources and quizzes, so plan to spend roughly few days up to few weeks to consume the whole material. Take it slow and put the strategies in practice.

How actionable is the course?

The course is very actionable. Most of the time I show you my screen and Instagram app so you can come along and implement everything.

Can I write this off as a business cost and get tax return?

If you’re purchasing this for your company as a training then you probably can. The price on website excludes EU (Estonia) VAT (20%).

How long will I have the access?

With this one-time purchase you get a lifetime access to the course materials, updates and private coaching group.

Do I have to show up at a certain time?

Not at all. You can participate in the lessons whenever you wish.

Is the course mobile friendly?

Absolutely. Take the course with your mobile or tablet, it’s fully responsive.

What if I don't get the results?

Everybody has their own skills and different background. We have designed this in a way that everybody should get the results. If not, no problem, we offer 60-day action based refund. If you made an effort, took the advice from the course and still didn’t get any results we will give you 100% your money back.

How long will the content be relevant?

Instagram changes from time to time and we’re also adding new content and updating the course if something becomes obsolete. So whenever you take the course, the content will be relevant.

In fact it’s recommended to check back once in a while to get the latest updates.

Why similar courses cost more/less?

Everybody has the right to price their course accordingly. If you found a course that looks cheaper, better, faster, then let me know.