Social media is one of the largest marketing platforms nowadays. If you have a business, promoting it on Instagram is a must-do to get real results. If you don’t, building a personal brand and attracting an audience will help you monetize the page and become a public figure. As a result, any product you create will be popular, which opens lots of business opportunities.

daily instagram tipsThere are a lot of reasons to make your Instagram popular. It’s an opportunity to connect to a live audience, sell your goods and services, build users’ loyalty, and develop your business and/or personal brand.

On the way towards your goal, you’ll improve personal and professional development. But you should know what to do and how to do it while trying to fill in your niche on the mighty Insta.

We’re going to help you with that! Below are 2021 tips to boost Instagram and open a chest of useful knowledge. These are not large strategies but additional daily habits to develop that will increase your chances for success!

Top 5 Daily Instagram Habits to Develop

People spend hours on social media. Try recording your time and you’ll be surprised. It’s great if you’re having fun and monetizing that time. But most people don’t realize that the majority of hours they spend on Instagram are just going to waste.

So, how to improve the efficiency of your time on Instagram? Below you will find tips that will help you to make your Instagram profile more popular and add quality to your social media pastime.

1. More Stories

Earlier, we’ve been waiting for our friends and bloggers to make a post in order to communicate and find out what’s new in their lives. With the addition of the Stories feature, everything has shifted.

Instagram stories

It’s much easier to share the small moments, as well as large stories about your days using beautiful templates, creative animations and signs, and ‘talking head’ videos, of course.

Engagement posts are still very important, of course, but you don’t need to post several pictures a day. Give yourself more time for writing a post, choosing pictures, etc. to make sure it gets lots of attention and you’ll have a chance to talk to your audience. Good thing with stories is that they can be raw and unpolished. If you’re stuck with ideas check out these Instagram story ideas.

But when talking about everyday habits to improve Instagram promotions, stories are
the key to always being in users’ sight.

Here are some tips for story making:

  • Choose one color theme. Not that you only need to post blue things. Choosing a palette is more about color correction and the choice of shade for your fonts, lines, backgrounds, etc. There are lots of ready palettes online in case you have no idea what
    colors to choose.
  • Be informative. Simple stories like “Good morning” and just a set of gorgeous pictures from a party are sweet, but make sure you have more meaningful pieces as well. It’s
    a ‘Story’, after all. Provide value if you want to be popular. It can be a recommendation or an experience that you’ve had that helped you become
  • Be consistent. Learn storytelling and talk about your day in a fun way, leading one topic to another. Use cliffhangers, relate to people, and combine text, images, and
    videos wisely. It’s boring to see a person talk in a simple video for 15 stories
    straight. But it’s also boring to read a text for 15 of them in a row.
  • Engage with the audience. From simple ‘yes or ‘no’ buttons and reactions to polls and quizzes, ask your audience to engage. Make it interesting for them to press those buttons as if they were participating in an important process. There are new approaches emerging every month. Follow accounts with ideas, improve them, mention the people you took ideas from in the first place, cooperate with them in the long run. This will open a great deal of possibilities for you.

2. Look for Promotional Opportunities Outside Instagram

Social media is a powerful tool, but you should promote it outside the ‘box’ as well. Many people are only getting used to the plethora of professional and blogger accounts on Instagram. They may be still more into other blogs and websites, leaving SNS for the last.

Would be great if one of the first really valuable profiles they follow was yours, right? While building a promotion strategy isn’t an everyday habit, looking for opportunities should be. This involves:

  • The analysis of your page;
  • Expanding the topic range you can cover;
  • Looking for sources to leave backlinks on;
  • Writing guest posts;
  • Automating processes.

Fortunately, you may effectively automate your guest posting strategy using the Adsy service. There are solutions for Instagram automatization as well. This will make this habit easier to cover, especially if you have lots of stories to shoot, ads to make, and people to talk to.

Writing guest posts is a bit more difficult than writing Instagram captions, so you can turn to Adsy for help with that as well. As a result, you’ll get a great chunk of promotion outside the social media platform, which is a great way to find new audiences.

Plus, you’re establishing authority as a specialist, content writer, and a potential service or good seller. Use this approach when creating a sales funnel or for general promotion.

Doing a piece of work every day will help you maintain proper traffic flow, make the task easier, find great partners, and constantly cooperate with them. And if this sounds quite difficult and you want to focus on creating content for your Insta page, remember that there are professionals by your side that will automate the process for you.

3. Look for Post and Story Ideas

Instagram is a top place for inspiration and motivation. This applies to both professional activity and personal growth. Following value-focused, tips and tricks sharing profiles is a good practice for your personal development and for learning the best approaches to content creation.

Instagram post ideas

Here are some examples of profiles that give great post ideas and general tips you can use not only on Insta but in real life as well:

  • @5.min.crafts is very popular since it shares lifestyle tips. There are many creative ideas that cover different areas of life.
  • @healthy.foodyss is a popular profile with healthy eating habits. There are many photo and video recipes, as well as creative culinary ideas.
  • is a profile where you can find motivation and advice in the field of business.

These are just examples of what Instagram ideas you can find. There are many profiles in the fields of psychology, medicine, and photography too. By the way, as for the latter, it’s never redundant to look for picture ideas and hacks.

As you find an army of useful accounts, improve your knowledge and talk about those topics on your own profile. Discuss recommendations, mental health, content creation, hobbies, and much more!

The point of this recommendation is to maximize the usefulness of the time you spend on social media. After your work is done (content plan, stories, scheduled posts, etc.), find time for learning and improvement. Then, of course, it’s time for fun videos from Recommendations to relax and have a laugh.

4. Follow Your Competitors

The word ‘competitor’ shouldn’t sound like something negative to you. People who try to drown similar accounts get attention but not the one you may want. Hyping on drama will give you fake temporary activity. And you want a permanent, kind, loyal audience, right?

So, instead just browsing around Instagram, consider following your competitors. This is a very useful practice to find out what they do to engage and entertain their audience, build online reputation and boost sales. You may also improve their ideas and use them in your content, but make sure not to direct copy and past. This is how you lose your own voice and brand vibe.

Plagiarism is the plague of the online industry, don’t follow this lane. Every time you come across a worthy idea implemented by your competitor, analyze and improve it to come up with something better for your audience.

How do you find suitable profiles? Just enter keywords in the search bar or use hashtags to find popular posts and accounts. Among the search results, subscribe to those pages that can bring you value.

You can even cooperate for mutual benefits. Create giveaways together, create content based on your individual experiences, etc. You have a similar audience and goals, so uniting and drawing attention to your niche, products, services, or mere ideas is a great tactic.

Plus, this will help you analyze the strategies of your competitors and act accordingly. However, keep in mind that they will be able to analyze your profile and methods of promotion as well. So, choose partners carefully, investigating their reliability beforehand.

If you’re not sure how to get use from such a tip, let’s see what things you can actually research by following other similar accounts:

  • Their keyword choice;
  • How their bio works for them;
  • How they interact with followers;
  • What captions they use;
  • Their color palette choice;
  • Stories techniques;
  • Promotion methods, etc.

Be careful when copying your competitor techniques. What works for them might not work for you. And you don’t even know whether a technique really works for them. Take your research as a reference, combine it with your knowledge and analysis, and create your own

5. Discover Business Tips

Instagram has a page for everything and everyone. While your stories and posts are working for you and all friends’ pictures are already seen and liked, don’t waste your time in the Recommendations section looking at reposted TikToks.

Instead, you can find profiles of people who provide valuable advice, life hacks, and even free educational courses. Whatever skill you want to develop, there’s a thought leader and a motivator for it on Insta.

Look for:

  • Blogging tips;
  • Marketing training;
  • Useful webinars;
  • Story making recommendations;
  • Professional sales advice.

Even if you are gardening, which seems to have nothing to do with online occupations, you can find blogs with useful content for your activity. Most of these people provide valuable information to their audience to promote their blogs, services, and digital products.

Therefore, you can find valuable advice that will be useful to you in your professional life. Besides, you may find one of the online professions close to your heart, which opens a door to another source of income. You can:

  • Manage giveaways;
  • Lead online streaming;
  • Create story templates;
  • Write content;
  • Edit pictures;
  • Create visual content plans, etc.

Also on this online platform, there are a lot of profiles, where specialists come up with educational live broadcasts. Such events are often free since the user needs to subscribe to all the speakers.

Thus, they receive an influx of subscribers and the user receives free knowledge. Such profiles cover various topics, ranging from copywriting, internet marketing, SEO promotion to raising children. Make sure to utilize this free knowledge to develop from a personal and professional point of view.

Should this become an everyday habit? Absolutely! Not that you can’t spend some time on Instagram just for fun. But make sure at least a couple of hours a day are devoted to learning, finding new information, and improvement of your blog, personal brand, and yourself.

The Bottom Line

It is essential to stop treating Instagram as a visual platform only. Yes, it used to be a place where we all posted pictures of our meals and awkward selfies ‘from above’. Nowadays, it’s a large service where people buy and sell, create and promote, cooperate and communicate.

Creating a personal brand, making friends, and gaining a loyal audience will help you monetize the page in the easiest way – advertisement. Then, you may get an idea for your own info product that people will buy because they trust you.

It’s remote work with lots of perks like free products and services, publicity, and popularity. You can become a thought leader or a sweet ‘best friend’ page for millions of people.

Instagram can provide everyone with opportunities. Use the above tips ongoingly to have a good time and improve your online presence.


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Johannes holds a Masters degree in Business IT. He has more than 7 years of experience in online marketing and holds certifications from Google. Additionally, has helped to develop several start-ups. He enjoys good food and feels slightly awkward talking about himself in third person.