Instagram is one of — if not the — biggest and most popular social media platform around today. To make the most out of it we need to have best Instagram tools at our disposal.

Instagram’s heavy emphasis on visuals and an array of interactive features make it an engaging platform whose popularity continues to grow.

But like most things in life, there’s an app for that.

There is a stunning array of useful tools available to help you get the most out of Instagram for your business.

Here’s a list of our top picks of best Instagram tools

1. SocialRank

SocialRankPrice: Free – negotiable
Free trial: n/a

Using influencers as a marketing channel is a popular and effective method employed by brands today. And while Fyre Festival and other ethical scandals have somewhat damaged the clout of macro-influencers, micro-influencers are still a viable route for entrepreneurs looking to grow their brand.

But sourcing these micro-influencers — social media users with between 10-100K followers — can be challenging.

Thankfully, tools like SocialRank are here to help you find your next customer brand ambassador.

SocialRank lets you assess your Instagram followers and build up a profile of your most valuable ones. Their follower count, engagement levels, demographics, and more can all be quantified so you can segment and reach out to collaborate with those most relevant to your brand.

SocialRank is easy to use, offering an intuitive interface that makes it easy to spot influential followers that you are likely to benefit from a collaboration with. It’s an affordable alternative to influencer marketplaces that puts the control back in your hands, rather than that of an agency.

2. Wishpond

WishpondPrice: $49 – $199 per month
Free trial: 14 days

The best driver of growth for your brand? It’s fun and freebies. Contests, giveaways, and competitions are powerful means of boosting follower count, increasing post engagement, and more.

These are more relevant than before. Instagram has limited the following and linking we can do quite aggressively in late 2019. Doing the good old follow and unfollow strategy just isn’t enough anymore (most of the times).

Handling these contests can get taxing though — organizing a competition is not simple. Wishpond streamlines all the daily administration of such tasks into a single, easy-to-use interface.

Each competition strategy can be personalized to suit your specific needs. For instance, you can require each entrant to tag at least two other friends or to like and comment on a post to enter. And naturally, each contest can be tracked with Wishpond’s built-in analytics dashboard too.

As well as competitions, Wishpond also lets you create dedicated landing pages for each competition. While landing page creators like Instapage are good for driving post-click experiences on a larger scale, a strong, finely-tuned landing page is crucial for Instagram competition success. And Wishpond’s built-in designer makes it easy to create a seamless landing page that inspires trust and conversions.

3. Ingramer

Price: Free up to some extent
Free trial: n/a

It feels exhausting to select each hashtags every time you make a post on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Instagram… Not anymore! Ingramer’s AI algorithm generates relevant hashtags for your social media posts automatically and for free up to some extent through analyzing your post’s image, keyword, or link. Their paid module includes a huge list of different relevant hashtags and a visual analytics of each hashtags .   

Besides the free hashtag generator tool, Ingramer also offers Instagram account growth modules starting from $37. Their smart bot starts to engage with real people by liking and being active on Instagram – watching stories, messaging, following/unfollowing etc. 

Ingramer hashtag generator tool is great for saving your time. Create awesome content instead of spending hours on hashtag research. Also the growth modules are useful, if you want to automate some of the more repetitive tasks.

There is more! Ingramer has a unique Instagram Direct module. It includes auto messaging and Instagram Direct Chat with most on-demand CRM features: chat labels, users profile info window, notes and clients’ details, quick replies, message search, the possibility to connect an unlimited number of accounts and so on.

Ingramer can be considered a full-fledged solution for business promotion: the streamlining of all processes is easy with it.

4. Iconosquare

IconosquarePrice: $33 per month – negotiable
Free trial: 14 days

When you’re launching an Instagram strategy, it’s important to track your performance. Engagement, reach, impressions, follower count, and so on. All of them count when it comes to measuring campaign success.

And while Instagram’s built-in analytics is good, it doesn’t quite provide the granular insights that brands need to fine-tune their campaigns.

Enter Iconosquare.

Iconosquare is a social analytics tool that offers an extensive overview of your Instagram’s performance. As well as basic metrics such as follower count and engagement, Iconosquare also offers more in-depth insights, such as follower increases or decreases over a particular period of time. You can even see which specific users followed or unfollowed you.

This can also be tailored to specific posts too. This lets you track and gauge the efficacy of different Instagram content campaigns, which in turn helps you finesse future campaigns too.

Beyond these deep insights, Iconosquare also sends an analytics report straight to your email inbox every day. Quick and convenient, it’s a tool that puts you, the user first.

5. Foursixty

FoursixtyPrice: $50 – $300+ per month
Free trial: 21 days

Instagram is rife with unique, high-quality content, with users sharing a dizzying variety of creative snaps. This user-generated content (aka. UGC) is often viewed as more genuine than its branded counterparts. Either way according to Shopify UGC is a vital growth channel for online brands.

Of course, trawling Instagram for great UGC is a time-consuming task. But tools like Foursixty make it seamless.

Foursixty works by first collecting all Instagram photos tagged with a specified hashtag. For instance, a branded hashtag that your customers use to show off their purchases on the platform. The tool then lets you showcase the best of these photos on the relevant product page(s).

You can even use these images for your paid ad campaigns too, or even for your actual product pages themselves. This increases conversions by adding an element of social proof into your content. Real customers enjoying your products in real situations shows prospective shoppers the value of your brand in a genuine way — no small accomplishment.

Foursixty is not only easy-to-use — it’s also highly versatile too. It integrates seamlessly with most content management systems (including WordPress, naturally).

Finally, Foursixty also handles all legal requirements necessary for sourcing UGC. It’s a comprehensive and effective tool that offers peace-of-mind for busy entrepreneurs.

So yeah, we love it too!

6. Planoly

PlanolyPrice: Free – $159 per month
Free trial: n/a

Finding an effective social automation tool for Instagram is a tricky affair.

While other platforms are blessed with user-friendly tools that let you plan and schedule posts ahead of time with ease, such a tool for Instagram has traditionally been difficult to find.

But it does exist — Planoly.

The tool formerly known as is a strong contender for best Instagram automation tool of 2019. What stands out the most for the tool is its usability — highly intuitive and straightforward to use, it relies on a visual drag-and-drop interface to let you schedule your posts and envision them.

Beyond that, Planoly also lets you track each post’s performance, respond to comments, and select the optimum posting time for each image. Another useful feature is that it lets you upload Stories, offering an all-in-one solution to Instagram automation that’s convenient and comprehensive.

As with all tools on this list, the paid plans offer greater functionality for growing brands. But even Planoly’s free version is enough for solopreneurs to start expanding their Instagram presence.

We also recommend checking out Later, Hopper and Plann app with very similar functionality and price points.

See which one is the easiest for you and definitely let us know in the comments below.

7. SocialCaptain

SocialCaptainPrice: $15 – $99 per month
Free trial: 24 hours

The rise of fake followers is a bone of contention in the world of Instagram.

Unscrupulous influencers use them to boost their status, and they can be tricky to spot. Thankfully, Instagram is cracking down on these fake accounts, but there are still platforms that offer to grow your Instagram account (but with fake followers).

Using automated targeted marketing bolstered by artificial intelligence, SocialCaptain sources real followers for your account. It automatically targets an audience that is likely to engage with your content based on keywords, usernames, locations, and hashtags. It even lets you filter out low-quality users.

Such an approach gives you legitimate followers that are naturally aligned with your Instagram’s niche. You get more engagement, wider reach, and Instagram growth that’s 100% genuine — crucial for any entrepreneur in 2019.

We’re actually in middle of conducting a research to find the best growth app and service for Instagram. We’re using real test account and a lot different services. So make sure to check back later this year.

And of course if you’re looking to get us managing your account, feel free to reach out to us.

8. Combin

CombinPrice: free – €36 per month
Free trial: n/a

Whenever you’re trying level up your game and engage even more with your audience, you might find yourself asking: “there must be a better way”.

Yes there is – it’s called Combin.

Combin has been our go-to-tool for a long time because of it’s capability of finding super specific content and users. Moreover it offer automation tasks such as following, unfollowing, liking and commenting.

These make engaging with your audience significantly more easier. Instagram isn’t just about posting your own content. In order to get noticed you need to actively remind your audience that you’re there by interacting with them.

This is not just figuratively speaking. We’ve been doing several tests with our clients and we see that accounts that do interact with the existing followers do get higher engagement rates and attract even more followers organically as well.

Combin just recently launched their own scheduler as well, so definitely check this tool out.

9. Boost

BoostPrice: $29 per month
Free trial: 14 days

Instagram has a wealth of e-commerce features that let you sell products via the platform. Between Shoppable posts, swipe-up Stories, and product tagging, there is plenty for the e-commerce entrepreneur to sell with.

But there are also lots of third-party apps that offer new and dynamic ways of selling on Instagram. Take Boost, for instance.

Boost lets customers purchase products simply by commenting with a unique custom hashtag. You tag your product in a post and include this hashtag in the caption. A customer comments, and (if they’ve signed up for Boost as a buyer), their order is automatically placed.

As Boost’s tagline says: no apps, no links, and no websites — slick.

Boost’s e-commerce model has the added bonus of increasing engagement on your posts. More engagement means better content in the eyes of Instagram’s algorithm, which in turns means your posts soar to the top. That’s not just e-commerce — that’s clever e-commerce.

10. Have2HaveIt

Have2HaveItPrice: $5 – 300+ per month
Free trial: 30 days

Another handy e/commerce tool for Instagram that’s worth knowing about is Have2HaveIt.

This nifty tool replicates your Instagram feed as a shoppable page in its own right. Simply tag each product in your photos, and your customers can peruse your new online store in the same way as your Instagram.

When your customers see a product they like, they simply click and make a purchase there and then — simple.

Have2HaveIt is useful for bypassing Instagram’s business profile requirements, plus it’s easy to use too. There’s no troublesome coding or complicated syncing — anyone can get started with Have2HaveIt in minutes. It’s an option well worth considering, especially if you’re just dipping your toe in the world of Instagram e/commerce for the first time.

11. Magisto

MagistoPrice: $4.99 – 34.99 pm
Free trial: 7 days

If you’re not embracing video on Instagram, then you’re falling short of the platform’s full potential.

Between feed videos, live content, and Stories, Instagram has a wealth of video styles to take advantage of.

But actually creating video is tricky. Unless you have a wealth of editing skills behind you (not to mention the editing software to support it), you’re likely struggling to create the kind of impactful video content that stops Instagram users scrolling and keeps them watching yours.

Magisto makes video creation easy and accessible. Like SocialCaptain, Magisto is also backed by artificial intelligence. It lets you create high-quality videos with ease. Simply upload your video, and Magisto takes care of the rest. Simple, affordable, and effective — well worth investing in for your Instagram growth.

12. Tagboard

TagboardPrice: negotiable
Free trial: one free hashtag search + demo upon request

Whether you’re running a UGC contest or just looking for some inspiration, we all need to easily find relevant content from time to time. But with more than 95 million photos and videos get uploaded to Instagram every day, means that there’s a whole lot of content to trawl through to find what’s right for you.

Thankfully, as you can probably guess by now, there’s a useful tool for that – Tagboard.

Tagboard lets you sort through Instagram content based on hashtags to easily find highly-performing and relevant photos and videos. It’s all presented in a handy grid view for easy viewing. And because you can filter out specific users, it’s even easier to find content that’s relevant to you.

13. Boomerang

BoomerangPrice: n/a
Free trial: n/a

Ah yes, can’t really leave out the Boomerang.

It’s not just third-parties that create great tools for Instagram — the platform itself has a few useful apps up its sleeve that brands need to know about.

Take Boomerang, for instance. Essentially a GIF in a sense, Boomerang videos loop recorded video back and forth — and they’re hugely popular content on Stories. Creative, engaging, and fun to watch, they’re perfect for finding that sweet spot between a photo and a video for your Instagram.

While creating the perfect Boomerang is an art form in itself, spend some time playing with this tool and you’ll be well on your way towards creating your own.

Instagram on its own is a strong asset to your growing business. But Instagram with any of the tools listed above is a powerful driver of growth that will transform your business into a bona fide brand.

Now to you.

What do you think of these tools? What are your favorite Instagram tools for this year? Let us know in the comments section.

14. Clipchamp

ClipchampPrice: free – $39 per month.
Free trial: Clipchamp’s basic plan is free.

Instagram and video are a natural fit. Video editing however, doesn’t come naturally to all of us. That’s where Clipchamp comes in.

Clipchamp is an online video editor that empowers anyone to tell stories worth sharing through video. It gives users access to professional tools and features from simple cropping and resizing to special effects like transitions, motion titles and Green Screen. Users also get access to a stock library filled with over 40 thousand video and audio files. Better yet, this all happens in browser – no downloads necessary.

When it comes to Instagram videos, Clipchamp has you covered. Not only can you use the editor to convert your videos into ‘gram-ready ratios and resolutions, you can make an instant ad in a few quick clicks with their Instagram ad makers.

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